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Oneiro Skull

    This is my corner of the internet to do whatever I want on, and I frankly don't care at all what anybody else thinks about it. I've spent so long trying to cater to other people and faking a smile that I damn near forgot who I really was. This is my act of rebellion, my way to tell the world to go fuck itself - I am myself. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nobody else.

    I originally had some weird, mopey paragraphs on here talking about how much it means to me that somebody might be out there reading this. Don't get me wrong - this exists for a reason. I appreciate the fact that anyone would actually read it, but it must be emphasized that I will be taking no advice, criticism, or suggestions of any sort for this website. I am not going to tailor myself for other people here like I would on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a problem with that, then you can go back to regular social media and pretend like this never happened, like this never existed. I'll pretend not to judge you for it.

    On the sidebar is a handful of links that should prove handy, including an "about me" page and a section dedicated to my creations. I'd describe it as "art," but I plan on posting more than just doodles there in the future. People tend to assume that art is just flat images. That's so far from the case, it's borderline offensive. Also, before anyone makes any remarks, the overlapping stuff in this site's layout was a deliberate design choice.

    Recently, I've become really frustrated with the layout and contents of this site. I knew sharing this on my normal social media was going to be a mistake, and yet, here I am! I did it, anyway! On one hand, like, I feel like I got too honest with too many people... on the other hand, I want more. More. MORE. Let me put it like this -- my site's too low energy. Too fucking DULL. I can click around on it, yeah, sure, but once the ooohs and ahhhs of having a site wear off, there's not exactly a hell of a lot here! It only LOOKS that way because I've put almost every damn page on the navbar. So here's the plan - sometime, during the next week, I'm going to rework my navbar. Have it just give a few spaces to click, which will send you to pages that branch out into more. A less surface-heavy root structure, if that makes any sense? I have NO FUCKING CLUE what to do from there, but hey, bear with me! This shit is going to be great someday. Eventually. Perhaps... I, uh, hope. But yeah.
Consider this update a friendly reminder that the gods have allowed me to live another day, and I fully intend on making it everybody's problem.

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