The LectroNyx Department - About Me

So, who am I?

Oneiro Skull

    I guess I can be kind of weird about my name. If I don't know you in real life, then I don't want you calling me by my real name. For people online, I am Lectro, though you could call me LectroNyx or Lec. People have given me other nicknames as well, but I try not to encourage that too much.

    I was born in Detroit on March 29th, 1997. I lived there until I was 19 years old, at which point, I moved to Florida due to family issues. As of 2022, I remain in Florida, and I really don't like that. Florida is my personal hell, and the absolute buffoons in our government who are trying to run the state while sharing a single communal brain cell are only making things worse. I don't know where I should be, but I know it's not here..

    Despite my chosen pseudonym, "Nyx." being an effeminate name, I was assigned male at birth. If I have a gender, it's male - but I'm not really sure gender's actually important anyway. Like, who gives a fuck? Gender's a confusing wreck. I prefer he/him or they/them pronouns, though. She/her is just odd to use, and it/its is pretty fucking offensive.

    I'm torn on whether or not I want to come off as a friendly and approachable person here. I know, that sounds weird, but hear me out. I am an incredibly opinionated person who struggles to understand his own emotions and those of the people around him. I'm a fiery, heated, passionate person. On one hand, I care more about the people close to me than I do myself or my own wellbeing. On the other hand, I've been known to make people upset or angry and not have a single regret about it because of the sort of person they were. I don't care at all about the feelings of people who would actively try to make the lives of my friends, family, or self miserable. Bible-thumpers and far-right Republicans are more than welcome to fuck off.


    I am not posting a photo of myself here. If you want one of those, then you can get to know me elsewhere and find a face reveal. Not here, though. However, it does seem to provide people a sense of comfort having a face to tie do the name, so have this demon. I know it's cliche and edgy, but the way things seem to go around me, maybe a demon fits me pretty well after all. Who knows? Who cares.

    Don't fuck with me if you don't want to find out.

    But enough talking about that sort of thing. Being so... reflective is utterly depressing, like, let's be real here. As of just recently turning 25 years old, my favorite video games of all time are, in order of console release (and then game release - also, listing PC games last):