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I can't do everything myself, here.

    N'or am I really interested in doing so! While I plan on adding some tools to a "utilities" page on this site, even that's going to have its limits. Instead, have a list of websites that may or may not be useful to you.

Site Name Site Purpose
This to That Finding a glue that works for whatever surfaces you need to glue together
Vultr A server hosting service that charges based on bandwidth, great for games that aren't super mainstream, but you'll need to handle the setup stuff yourself. Using this link, if you're active for over 2 weeks and use at least $35 in payments, you'll get an extra $100 credit on your account, and I'll get $35.
Cbox A simple chatroom for your own site
HTML Comment Box A really nifty comment box that can be dropped into your HTML code ez-pz. Featured on my guestbook, if you want a demonstration
ZeroTier A useful tool that allows you to connect with other people on your own private network as if it were LAN. Great for playing games with friends
Tower Unite Formerly GMOD Tower, Tower Unite is an online game that may be seen as an older version of VR Chat. Development is slow, but there are no microtransactions and the game itself is already ambitious (let alone what content they're currently working on)
Yesterweb Gemini Proxy A proxy that can load gemini:// pages over https
Emotional codes A set of tools to help handle emotional problems
Riseup VPN A free VPN that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Useful for privacy, especially on public networks
Porkbun Domain name and email forwarding service, SIGNIFICANTLY more affordable than most others
Misty Cafe The sounds of calming music, rain, and cafe ambiance
12ft A proxy to help get past most paywalls - "Show me a 10ft paywall, and I'll show you a 12ft ladder"
Learn Anything A search engine specializing in finding technical tutorials
Tip of My Tongue Finding the word you're thinking of based on parts of the word, length, partial spelling, or the meaning of it
Linkvertise Bypasser Skipping ads on links that force you to watch them
Torrenting Guide EYESTRAIN WARNING! A guide to torrenting and downloading responsibly
N64 Vault A wiki dedicated to editing and modifying games for the Nintendo 64. A good source for GoldenEye and Perfect Dark mods
href.Cool A curated and quite organized list of all sorts of interesting and unique websites
Yesterweb Webring A webring, community, and wider movement of people who love the internet, but dislike the way it has changed over time
SauceNAO Reverse image search through image file, pasting image, or image URL
Personality Trait List A massive list of positive, negative, and neutral personality trait descriptors, hosted by MIT
Mozilla Hubs A free virtual social space, similar to VRChat, run by Mozilla
Character Questionnaire A very, very long (150 questions!) questionnaire to help with writing and developing characters An image board meant for people looking for something more comfortable than other imageboards available
Chatzy Free private chat rooms, no registration required
Zap! Creatives Custom pins, stickers, keychains, etc. using your art, has superb customer service
Notion A free, cloud-based notetaking and knowledge management tool
Piracy Megathread A megathread about piracy, providing almost anything you'll need
TextureTown A large collection of textures that may be used for websites or games
Copy Me That A free website for sharing recipes, making meal plans, and preparing shopping lists. It can also sync between the website and an iOS/Android app for your convenience!
FEBuilderGBA A piece of software that makes creating your own GameBoy Advanced Fire Emblem ROMHacks easier.
MCStacker A command generator for Minecraft Java 1.19, allowing you to set up custom items and such. A fun tool to use for adventure map making.
Fileditch A fairly simple file sharing site. Uploading webms to it allows for them to be played via URL in video players in games such as Tower Unite and Garry's Mod, which is pretty lit.
Gumroad An online marketplace for artwork, with anything from 3D models to textures, ebooks to classes, code and more. I've used this to get a few different 3D models for editing.
Hourly Wage Tax Calculator A tool that can give you an idea of how much money will end up in your pocket come next paycheck.
Ninite Install free software without bloatware.

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