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These pages are about me, Lectro, as a person.

Oneiro Skull

    Heyhey, that's a surprising click! So you want to get to know me, Lectro, as a person? If so, you're in the right place. If not, then I have no idea why the fuck you clicked the button labelled "personal." Anyway, here's a list of pages about me, LectroNyx, the person. This does not include information on or access to things that I've created, but instead, as a means to get to know and/or understand me as a person. If you're looking for stuff I've done, you're on the wrong page. While your means of self-expression are reflections of you, they aren't a literal part of you. As such, I feel like they don't quite belong in this category, and give them a category of their own.

About Me

    This page is a brief autobiography I wrote shortly after starting this site. I consider it probably the most important page here, since it not only talks about me, but is almost like a taste of what I'm going for. It's honest. I'm blunt. I'm not trying to be the friendliest, fluffiest fuck in Florida, I'm just trying to live another day on this shithole of a planet like the rest of us. If, for some reason, anything on this page offends you, then there is a good chance that we would absolutely fucking hate each other. After all, how can I get along with someone who's offended by my mere existence?


    For something that I talk and think about a lot, I don't remember ever having actually sat down and wrote a solid definition of my core beliefs. The code I live by. What defines my morality. That's what this page is for - between this and the About Me page, you can probably get a good idea of what sort of person I am. The fact that I've seen people contradict some of these really basic ideas of "just leave people alone if they're not hurting you" made me wonder if I should just... write it down and put it somewhere public. In a sense, that's what I did here. I'm sick of people being assholes, so I'd like to at least try not to contribute to that.


    An online diary of sorts, I guess. Somewhere for me to just comfortably ramble and rant, talk about my life. My day. My thoughts. Drop ideas here and just... man, you know? Maybe even add, like, comment boxes with that html comment box tool so I can get thoughts and feedback. I've been thinking about this a lot, and I've decided this is what I want to do. I need somewhere to share my thoughts, after all, and I know I always feel really bad about dropping rants onto people at random. Let this be my solution to that, a place for me to ramble and rant about whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want!

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