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Archival is important to society.

    This is why I like to save copies of various media locally on my devices. While I'm not going to be poking the bear here by sharing those pieces of media, I'll be more than happy to share older games that have been modified for the sake of either creating something new, or making the experience playing them more enjoyable. I do not own any of the properties listed here. All rights deserved.

Here is some of my collection. Any ROMs with their name in cyan may be downloaded by clicking on their name!


Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War: Project Naga is one of the main translations for FE4, but it only seems to work on the snes9x emulator for PC. However, it has some quality of life patches such as stat gains remaining on the level up screen (in case you blink and miss them!) and a number of bug fixes. For more options with emulators and compatibility with mobile emulators, check out Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War: Gharnef, instead.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776: Little Manster with unit health displayed on the map as healthbars, more info made available to the player for QOL.

Nintendo 64

Goldfinger 64 is a total conversion mod for GoldenEye, for the Nintendo 64! Not only is there an all new story, weapons, models, characters, music, maps, and graphics, but this was also made in a modified version of GoldenEye set up to use more of the system's power, thus allowing much larger maps than the original. If it doesn't work properly, see this page for help.

GoldenEye X version 5e is a modification for Perfect Dark to bring back all GoldenEye characters, weapons, and maps. It's just like GoldenEye, but BETTER. This also introduces some new maps from other games, makes the test map "Citadel" from the original GoldenEye properly playable, alongside a couple of original weapons (Rudolph and The Platinum Gun). Being able to customize your weapon sets and having bots to play against works some serious magic for the longevity of this game. Note: 5e has the new weapons, 5d does not. The Platinum Gun is only available in the single player campaign, via the All Weapons cheat - despite this, the single player campaign is nowhere near finished. While this mod is on hiatus, it is confirmed to not be cancelled by Wreck. As such, when future versions are released, I will be updating this entry to include them in place of this version. Previous versions may be available on request.

Perfect Dark+ is another modification for Perfect Dark! This one brings in a few new classic maps, adds classic weapons to the Combat Simulator, and brings in some new playable characters. Dr. Carroll and the Skedar are now playable! Furthermore, instead of turning skedar into Mr. Blonde in counter-op mode, the enemy player will actually play as a skedar warrior.

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