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"Atop the coastal cliffs! There is a rock...

Oneiro Skull

     ... Atop some other rocks. What that rock witnesses... Is only 'dreams' and 'memories.' - Tooru, JoJolion Ch.107

    When we die, we don't fully cease to exist. The memory of us, and the actions we took, ripple on for a long time, in ways we'll never even know. Artists are in an interesting position, you see, since their creations may likely outlive them. Even when I'm gone, things I made might still be around. Who knows? I hope they are, and I hope they can make people happy.

    Making things brings me joy, and is one of the only things that actually does. Because of that, I mean... I at least try to make a lot of good stuff. I love seeing the results, after all, and I especially love when the results are genuinely good content. Hell, I've even picked up a couple of fans, though I'm not about to run around pretending to be some sort of big shot celebrity or anything stupid like that. Still, it makes me happy sharing stuff I made with other people, and it also makes me happy to see when my work has inspired others. These pages are celebrations of my creations.

My Creations

    This page is the star of the fucking show, man. Whenever I make something I consider worth sharing, I'll add it to here. I also plan on eventually adding a few gallery pages for my artwork, which will be accessed through this page as well. This is the cool page that gives you all of the fun original content from this site, from me. Hell yeah, right?

Another Damn Show on the Internet

    Why would you watch my stream from my site? No, really, why? It's on Twitch, dude, just watch it from there. I added it here because I figured my streams deserve some sort of representation on here, since I try to experiment and have fun with them when I do them. Admittedly, I rarely stream, but when I do, I hope you'll come join us!

Fan and Gift art

    Sometimes, my creative works inspire other people, and that's kind of awesome! Whenever I get gift art, I practically fucking squeal out of joy. It means the absolute WORLD to me that something I did might have touched or entertained or whatever someone so much that they made their own art based off of it! Like, holy shit?! I'm smiling just thinking about it, dude. Fuck. Anyway, please check out these awesome artists and give them all the love!

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